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Title: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: IK2JYW on October 03, 2017, 05:39:58 AM
Antenna Dinamica A.D. 3 elements special with 6 meter kit
The never ending story and the end of a nightmare.

Not only the antenna, but all the A.D. organization (better,  disorganization) which builds, markets and sells such a product.


Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: N1CX on October 09, 2017, 02:31:24 AM
Wow now tell us what you really think LOL

Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: WI8P on October 09, 2017, 08:52:46 AM
Another person who only joined so they could complain.  Bet we never hear from him again.

Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: IK2JYW on October 11, 2017, 01:34:48 AM
Good day,

I ordered July and came after 14 months in open boxes without protection;
some missing parts and rework activities have considerably lengthened the antenna assembly time and deferred its activation;
antenna quality is bad;
stepper controllers are "died" one after another;
all elements do not making good contact;
motor housing are aquariums;
bleaching on all the fiberglass pipes with the exposition of the underlying glass fibers;
one other thorny point is the maintainability and upgradeability of the PC Software and of the AD Controller and Canbus Firmware (no provisions are in place on this matter today).
communication with factory is a joke;
for further considerations and narrative is possible read the full review:


Being warned in time can save us for one half, the other half depends on our choice to follow or to discard the received advices.
Then each one of you can decide and think what he wants.

73 e GD DX and ... we'll talk soon  ;)

Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: W5JON on October 11, 2017, 11:31:02 AM
Another person who only joined so they could complain.  Bet we never hear from him again.


The name of this forum is "Company Reviews", and that is exactly what IK2JYW did.  It does not matter to me if it was his first post or his 1000th, or his one and only post.



Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: WI8P on October 12, 2017, 09:33:19 AM
Pleasant surprise!  Many post and disappear.  Stick around and enjoy the company!

Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: IK2JYW on March 12, 2018, 05:50:14 AM
Good day to all,

finally, after 18 months, the long awaited stand alone controller of A.D. by RO.EL.TVE. was presented to the Hamfest of Montichiari, BS the 10 e 11 Mar 2018. "Congratulations indeed", for the small delay, hi. For the review of this product, I will postpone who will have the "fortune" of owning it and the desire to see him again. For the renewal of the site and the new information of the new products and for the possibility of downloading SW and FW is a matter of waiting and patience. You just have to be patient? of what?
We start by saying that communication is the most important aspect of selling the products that a company sells to its customers. Neglect the communication processes of the Website, brochures, flyers, e-mails, FB, etc. it means nullifying every sales technique, in particular, if it were a new product to be placed on the market.
The responsibility to clarify these aspects depends on the owner or whoever takes his place, but here we enter the field of Leadership and, for some, it is a very unknown thing; in short: it's another story ...
In most cases, behind a vanished sale, there is a problem of communication and total incompetence of the technical notions and solutions of the problems on the product being sold.
Also when "fool" someone with using an unlawful sales methodology you end up spoil the square. This sales technique will probably offer great results immediately; the customer's brain takes a while to elaborate the manipulative and fraudulent mechanism of the seller but then in the end almost everyone arrives and will not keep a good memory of the company. So those who complain for just cause are not enemies or traitors but customers who in good faith have been "cheated" so it is useless and antiproductive resort to the presentation of a long awaited option and a re-branding operation for delete from the mind of consumers the incompetent sales made up to that point, without the prior use of innovative inbound marketing techniques.
In short, to sell and/or market a product or service it is essential  to know the sales techniques and, no less important, to guarantee the reliability of the product, you must also know to fully understand all the features of the product by offering the complete assistance, alas, only some manage to obtain and maintain lasting and profitable success. A.D by RO.EL.TVE. it is light years away

73 de ik2jyw-pier

Title: RE: Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL.TVE
Post by: IK2JYW on September 10, 2018, 03:21:49 AM
Good day to all


The anxiety to see and touch with a hand so much awaited and wonderful object where many times has been announced in all the sauces its imminent presence and market availability enhancing functions and characteristics in absolute unique and wonderful has further stimulated me not to miss at the appointment with the fair of Montichiari, BS of 8 and 9 September 2018, but, UDITE UDITE, of Antenna Dinamica by RO.EL. TVE alias ik2ckr there was no trace! His presence was not necessarily essential for me but it was only for mere curiosity to verify the veracity of his last proclamation. In any case, the day was very profitable both in purchases and in the inevitable chats with friends OM and not.
Returning to the long-awaited oggettino, there are only a few days left to celebrate the second anniversary of the announcement of the release on the market but, alas, from the news received there will be more anniversaries to celebrate, hi.
It took me 30 days to complete my stand alone controller and another 15 for the tablet / smartphone application (see review) but, "proudly" rebuked by him who continue to promise but can not keep up, the job from me "in illo tempore" played was feasible in only FOUR hours! So, in response to my inefficiency and lack of preparation we are at 17,520 hours for giving birth to ... NOTHING. What to say? chapeau? I would say no and here me censure!
At this point, it is easier to believe that a donkey flies that to believe in a further yet another announcement regarding the controller and everything that goes around it. In any case, should the miraculous event occur, ask yourself a myriad of easily understandable questions, so ... BEWARE.
And the story continues ...
Good start to week.
73 de ik2jyw-pier