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Title: Soldering class for amateur radio enthusiasts
Post by: N1FMV on November 28, 2017, 08:55:48 PM
Dear all who are interested in amateur radio and electronics. The Middlesex Amateur Radio Club in association with the Zola ham radio group will be holding an introduction to basic soldering class on Saturday, December 23at 11 AM at the Bringham House in Newton, MA located at:
20 Hartford St.
Newton, MA  02461
There will be no fee for this workshop, materials will be provided, and the workshop is expected to take approximately 2 hours. This workshop is primarily for persons who have never soldered before or have let their soldering skills lapse. We are also looking for volunteers to act as mentors and proctors for this workshop. Refreshments will be available at a minimal cost and will be provided free for volunteers. Participants in this workshop may elect to participate in future workshops where more advanced techniques are explored and working devices are made. Although there is no fee for this workshop it is requested that all participants contact our club trustee, Mr. Bob Drukman,WA1UIY, so that we have an accurate head count. His email is:
bobdruk  at
Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing everyone there.