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Title: Anyone Using Beagle Bone instead of Raspberry Pi?
Post by: WO7R on July 12, 2018, 03:12:23 PM
I have deployed several Pis, including a significant use as a control agent for our contest station's 2m EME array.  It controls several Arduinos that, in turn, control switching, etc.

However, there is a reasonably well-known glitch with the Pi whereby, once in a while, some write error or other kills the SD card.  It is supposedly fixed in later versions of the software and does seem to be happening less often, but it is still happening to me maybe once or twice a year.

I can "get out of it" because I have decent backup and recovery practices, but it is getting old.

I see various Beagle Bone boards out there at similar prices and wonder if I should just switch to it, at least for the "mission critical" parts of my Pi usage.

There is, of course, a considerable and critical mass surrounding the Pi.  It appears better supported, more "oh, here's something similar to what I want to do" and so on.  But, it's not like nobody uses the BB boards.

Has anyone deployed Beagle Bones around the ham shack?  How successful?  Any compare-and-contrast with the Pi?  Are there simply different problems?

Title: RE: Anyone Using Beagle Bone instead of Raspberry Pi?
Post by: N6MST on September 04, 2018, 08:46:30 AM
I have used RPi's more than my Beaglebone Black simply because the Pi has built-in wifi and a faster processor. And to be fair, I haven't used either device much, so take that into consideration. But I found the BBB to be easy enough to navigate, SSH was a breeze, and setting up a small breadboard circuit to switch an LED on and off from across the room with my laptop was probably more fun for me than it should have been.

The BBB also has way more IO than the Pi, some folk s find quite a bit of value in that.

No real knowledge on this, but maybe the eMMC of the BBB is harder to corrupt than a Pi's SD card?