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Title: Superfest 2018, Peoria, Illinois
Post by: NM0O on August 16, 2018, 08:58:13 AM
Coming soon to the Expo Gardens in Peoria, Illinois, will be the Peoria Superfest 2018. Visit us for a great flea market 14-16 September, a rousing speaker, many large nationally known vendors, and VE testing.

Whether you come to browse or buy, you will find many things of interest for decent prices. Speaking of prices, participate in the raffle for prizes; you may walk away with some sweet prizes that were unimaginable only days before the event.

Main indoor vendors will be open for Saturday and Sunday. Either they will have what you need, or you can be certain they know where to find it. Don't miss the high-altitude balloon launch with APRS tracking; kids and adults are always pleased to be a part of this event.

Want specifics? Find more information at (, the web site for PAARC (Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club). Then be sure to come and join us for the fun in September at Expo Gardens in Peoria, Illinois.

Title: RE: Superfest 2018, Peoria, Illinois
Post by: N9AOP on August 24, 2018, 08:43:22 AM
This is one of the better 'fests in the state.