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Title: Flex Radio Fails to address basic nonfunctional feature
Post by: W2PP on September 12, 2018, 08:25:54 AM
So, I have a Flex 6700, wrote a glowing review a few days after I had it up and running.  However, soon after I discovered that D Star didn't work at all, zip.  As time went on I discovered that the Noise Blanker was very ineffective to say the least.  Finally the so called Automatic notch filter was far from "brick wall" as they had promised.  OK, its a work in progress I thought.  After going through their customer support forum I found posts 3 and 4 years old reporting the same issues.  I brought this to their attention and they basically blew me off.  Me and anyone else with ANY Flex radio as these features are software based they apply to the Smart SDR program. 

Just a heads up before you buy ....