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Title: CTI Comtec PLA800
Post by: KK6RPX on January 08, 2019, 06:46:47 PM
Hi All,

I recently came into possession of a PLA800 HF amplifier. There is very little info out there about it. There is a placeholder but no reviews at eham. Looking inside it looks beautiful and well built, gold plated coils and great workmanship. I also got a pair of NOS JAN EIMAC FCX250B's still in the vacuum can.

The ham I got it from mentioned that he was concerned that the finals are not sufficiently cooled to run the rated watts of the amp. The manual states that the fans provide 17CFM each and the tube data sheet calls for 3.8.  Seems like it should be fine but has anyone heard of this amp overheating tubes?

Aside from some FCC certification and the manual, all I can find online is an argument about tetrodes VS triodes and the fact that this amp uses VR150's for regulation. Seems like the usual Internet everybody knows everything kind of thing. Anybody out there actually use this amp and have any experience to relate?

When I get home from work tomorrow I'll bring it up slow and see what it does.