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Post by: K1QQQ on January 15, 2019, 01:39:43 AM
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Anybody like doing this ? Sometimes you have to. Others are only going to be victim.

I saw an ad for an USED ICOM R-71 Receiver minus any problem issues.

I get the box that cost $52 to ship. I open it up just to look at it, etc. Simple test. The thing is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Tune the local broadcast band. The stations that overload your receivers are a very very very very weak. I got 2 locals AM Broadcast very very very very weak. Nothing else anywhere. Yes..I tried different antennas and the 'low band antenna terminal' on unit.

Nobody dumps anything like this on somebody or do they ? It is something simple that nobody could make a mistake over.

I have no recourse after contacting the seller but complain. His response to PayPal is I destroyed the unit.

I had trouble paying via PayPal to begin with. I entered his name and I was locked out for a couple days over some vague potential fraud.

After the fact check some of his prior ads. Always something DEAD that he often says it has issues. Not on the ICOM R-71 of topic though. I discovered prior complaints of people getting ripped and being ignored.

O-again...I got the unit shipped and I destroyed it. Why would I do that ?

I have no complaints vs. me etc. 100% EBAY.PAYPAL..etc.

I don't know what it is but it raises the blood pressure. NOBODY sells a receiver so DEAD without knowing it.

Who wants to get entered into flame wars ? Fun ? How can one ignore this ? If it was a mistake understood but then as mentioned the priors.

Post by: K1QQQ on January 15, 2019, 02:59:35 AM
This place does not allow editing of post ?

I just wanted to ad it seems most functions of this radio are DEAD. I spent extra time trying out the knobs and buttons and it seems most did absolute nothing. Noise Blanker..Pre-Amp, etc.etc. Memory seemed totally whacky.  BUT I did not spend enough time to positive declare dysfunctional BUT just wanted to observe if I was doing something wrong to create a DEAD RECEIVER.

Post by: W9FIB on January 15, 2019, 05:09:21 AM
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Post by: WE1X on January 15, 2019, 05:41:02 AM
I had trouble paying via PayPal to begin with. I entered his name and I was locked out for a couple days over some vague potential fraud.

Huh?  What does this mean?

Did you pay via PayPal or not?  If so, did you pay via Friends & Family or for Goods & Services?

Post by: K1QQQ on January 16, 2019, 02:44:11 AM
I just wrote a long post and prior to submitting the page/site vanished and I was sent to Google. (gggrr)

I Submitted a PayPal complaint and I am going to be sent a refund. Who knows. I sent the item back. $50 plus shipping/packaging. What do I make ?

This guy mostly uses QRZ. Of recent mostly used stuff with noted problems. At least such is noted. On my issue the ad said NO PROBLEMS.

Google searches bring up prior complaints over people getting defective things and being ignored.

PayPal. I bought an Alinco Transceiver in December I think it was and on PayPal payment to this guys email I do not know the issue but was locked out of PayPal for a couple days and even had to change my password. I got text phone messages from PayPal for several days asking if I approved funds to_______________. The Alinco I kept for parts as I have another same model. Don't I learn ? It was the busy holidays and I was all mixed up.

An ICOM R-71 was a good receiver in its time. On receive it should be able to pick up something on Broadcast Band or VLF. This got 2 stations very very very weak. 600 WICC a local and 880 WCBS New York. The first maybe 10 miles over salt water and 880 WCBS maybe 20-30 miles over salt water. (50kw) Nothing else receivable. Not a trace. I know HF not good at these times Antenna ? Various long wires.

So I simply judge it defective plus most the other functions with the knobs and buttons seemed not to work.

One flag also was he constant tracks the package. Nervous ?

I know one can flame a persons reputation but I must say...just beware...

--and who has the time for all this stuff ??

Post by: K1QQQ on May 08, 2019, 07:58:22 PM
Just an updater. Another person that had an experience ::::  N5YYZ


No he never responded to any messages.  I can't remember if I used pay pal, so I just wrote it down as a loss.  But I did warn others on QRZ and other sale sites.

Glad you got some of your money back.

I left name off because I did not ask for permission to repost email.(as a courtesy)

Some months ago I got some money settlement (unrelated to radio) and why not buy some hobby toys ?

I surfed Ebay..EHam..QRZ...and other places for good buys. It is hard to believe the times burned by equipment with problems BUT what stands out is the DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Despite all the excuses one sees on Ebay, etc. (parts swappers,no ability to test, this and that, I find it difficult to understand getting something DOA. I just broke open an Alinco DX-10 (A short lived 10 meter radio that Alinco quit soon) yesterday. Bought recent. DEAD. The fuse blown. Replace fuse no luck. No visible sign of something burned. Now really...did this person know it was DOA ?

If it has a problem unload it !!!! If it's dead sell it as 'no problems'.

So keep up the good work other posters. It's the chronic that can help label the bad apples.