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Title: Not what I wanted, but it's a solution!
Post by: KD8NGE on February 23, 2019, 04:23:16 AM
Thomas Edison found a shocking number of things that would not work as filaments in his incandescent bulb.
He gave tours of his laboratory, and one visitor, regarding his neat ranks of failed filament bulbs, remarked that it was such a shame he had so many failures.
"On the contrary, dear Lady!" he exclaimed. "I cherish my failures as I do my successes! Failures show me what not to try again!"
If that's the case I am either an underappreciated genius  :D or a severely underpaid millionaire  ;D, for I've found an uncounted number of ways not to run HF in this restricted territory!  >:(
My 40 meter loop was wonderful, until the supporting trees died and became stovewood; attempts to tune downspout, gutter and roof flashing were marvelous failures; under-eaves loops and dipoles  :Dare bootless, as my soffits and gutters are all aluminum: I constructed a fine fan dipole in the attic, it tunes beautifully, it hears moderately well and my shingles must contain ground up beer cans because apparently they drink my RF energy like a thirsty man guzzles cold water!  :o
My solution?
Portable ops!  ;D
A telescoping mast, a 9:1 end-fed, and from the local park I was happily chatting with a Florida net on twenty meters!  :D ;D
It may not be what I want, but people in hell want ice water and that does not work either ... this is a solution, and it works, so I'm going to go with it!

Title: RE: Not what I wanted, but it's a solution!
Post by: K1VSK on February 23, 2019, 05:27:33 AM
How you define failure depends on your expectations. Enjoying any aspect of the hobby is a function of your ingenuity and the effort you are willing to apply. Some people prefer the easy way. I’ve  made qsos on 10m using a 100 watt lightbulb as an antenna. Lots of people living in residential areas with antenna limitations have found many and varied ways to work DX while still conforming to the rules. Others prefer to complain about it.

Title: RE: Not what I wanted, but it's a solution!
Post by: K0UA on February 23, 2019, 07:07:29 AM
My 100 watt mobile rig, a Silverado pickup, Little Tarheel II and Yaesu FT891 work quite well also. Especially 40 meters and up.  Worked several DX countries now pretty easily on 20 meters. The mobile or portable solutions are not wonderful solutions like having a nice rig in your house, but they are solutions. Of course I have a fairly nice home station too. And yes I have antennas outside. Short (40 foot) tower, beam, full size 80 and 160 meter antennas too. Even a small beam on 6 meters.

Title: RE: Not what I wanted, but it's a solution!
Post by: W1VT on February 23, 2019, 07:13:14 AM
In an hour, I can drive fifty miles to Hammonasset beach for portable operations.  
It has a clam shack a few minutes away that is open all year!  Better than a fine restaurant
when you want excellent food for a party of one after a busy day of operating.