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Title: Radioworld UK, really bad experience.
Post by: VK5ISO on June 15, 2019, 05:55:55 PM
This is the second time I have had a bad experience with RadioWorld UK and I thought it might be good to warn other hams out there.

Dave at RadioWorld is an extremely difficult person to deal with. All reviews of RadioWorld are posted on TrustPilot (a UK review site) and the various attempts I made to interact with Dave are marred by constant hostility and innuendo on his side. I just gave up and worked directly through PayPal.

Some background:

The way it seems to work with RadioWorld is that if the deal goes well, all is hanky dory, and if there is any problem, you are on your own. Any attempts at addressing the situation are ignored, unless you work through PayPal.

The first time I had difficulties with them, I had ordered some Messi Paolini connectors and was sent the wrong ones. I contacted Radioworld via their sales email, no answer whatsoever. Eventually, I filed for a refund via PayPal and reordered the right ones.

The second experience in the last couple weeks  has been extremely unpleasant: I ordered a Begali HST key as a backup key but was taken aback, when it arrived, to notice scuff marks and substantial  beige discolorations on the top and the edge of  grey-black top and gouge marks on the bottom of the key. I tried to clean them with water but to no avail. The key which was new could only be resold for half its value, if after trying it out, I decided not to keep it.

 I sent pictures of the damage to Radioworld via PayPal and applied for a partial refund , but:

 1. First, Dave of Radioworld  said the pictures had not arrived (so, I re-sent them)

2. Then he accused me of cleaning the key wrongly

3. Then, he strongly implied that I was rorting the PayPal system!

Finally he refused the request for a partial refund. The constant aggressivity and hostility was really shocking.

PayPal then stepped in and I  was offered to send the key  back for a full refund (of 208 pounds or so). Unfortunately, return postage from Australia (where I live) to the UK with tracking is around AU $40 and I have just informed PayPal that will  have  to keep the key and accept the loss.

So, Caveat Emptor! (Buyer beware!)

Title: RE: Radioworld UK, really bad experience.
Post by: G4AON on June 16, 2019, 09:40:18 AM
I gave up on Dave at RW years ago when asking about some IF filters he had for sale, he couldn’t care less if he sold them or not.

Regarding Begali keys, you can buy direct (why deal with Radio World?). Absolutely first class to deal with them in Italy. I was sent a spare set of aluminium paddles for free as compensation when they had a lot of orders and couldn’t send my Simplex Basic paddles order for 2 or 3 weeks.

73 Dave