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Title: No ham, need callsign location list
Post by: SIMON123 on July 11, 2019, 10:19:19 PM
New to ham, appreciate pointer

a) to where i can find a table translating callsign prefix and country / location.

b) any web or software to do that. Is QRZ the right tools

Title: RE: No ham, need callsign location list
Post by: KC0MYW on July 11, 2019, 11:15:12 PM
Try this list:

Most any of the computer based logging software (LoTW, N3FJP, Ham Radio Deluxe, DXLab, N1MM, etc) will show the country based on the callsign as well.

Title: RE: No ham, need callsign location list
Post by: G4AON on July 13, 2019, 12:46:45 AM
It’s a good idea to log your QSOs with a computer based logging program. Everyone has their favourite, some are better suited to casual QSOs, some to contesting. Most will show station country based on a regularly updated download, if you subscribe to QRZ the better casual logging programs will automatically fill in name and QTH details too.

You can also link computer logging programs to the DX cluster, or to your own local CW Skimmer. You can set the log to highlight countries needed, stations you have previously worked, etc. I set Log4OM to show needed countries in red and previously worked stations in green, it also shows stations that use LOTW too.

My daily log program is Log4OM and for contesting on HF, N1MM+. There are dedicated VHF/UHF contest log programs too, such as Minos for the UK RSGB contests. All log programs should easily export/import an ADIF file, so you can swap between them (typically importing QSOs into your main log from a contest one, or to upload to LOTW, Clublog, etc).

Don’t forget to make regular and solid backups of a computer log... I’ve come across several hams who lost everything due to not bothering backing up!

I’ve probably persuaded you that a computer log is useful...

73 Dave

Title: RE: No ham, need callsign location list
Post by: K4SAV on July 14, 2019, 07:11:43 AM
That's a handy chart KC0MYW posted a reference for, but it doesn't tell you everything.  There are a lot prefixes that are used for countries other than the primary country listed.  For example the TO prefix is assigned to France but they use that prefix for some of their possessions, like Reunion Island, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, Martinique, and others.  

One of the good logging programs will solve that problem by downloading the current version of a CTY file, which gets added to the logging program and that covers all the exceptions, so you get the real country when you enter the call sign.  That is much better but not perfect because there are always new stations showing up that are not listed in that CTY file, however most logging programs will allow you to add that station to the correct country so that the country will be correct next time he shows up.

Jerry, K4SAV

Title: RE: No ham, need callsign location list
Post by: WA3SKN on July 15, 2019, 04:34:22 PM
Have you thought about just ordering a "Callbook"?  It is still available.  Lots of good info there.