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Title: 6 Meter Northwest stations 'on the air'..
Post by: KD7KOY on May 17, 2003, 10:23:54 PM
Myself and KD7KOX have just gotten the 6 meter stations on the air after blowing off the dust, melting some solder and alot of wires here and there...
We're rounding up amatuers with their dust covered electrical Very High Frequency RF generators to get them humming.
So far we got a Clegg 99'er, Swan 250C and an RCI 5054 solid state contraption that are putting some RF into the coax in or around 50.400..
Anybody interested try a CQ or bang out an email on your puter to:
and we'll arrange a sked or roundtable..
Use whatever rig ya and antenna tuners optional.

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