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Title: NCL-2000
Post by: K0BG on May 14, 2005, 05:36:28 AM
I received the following e-mail from Elso, I7LGM. He's looking for a band switch for this vintage amplifier. If there is anyone out there who might have one, or know where Elso could buy one, please e-mail him at this address.

As you can see from his e-mail, his English is not too good. If you e-mail him, please use to translate your e-mail. I appreciate it, and I am sure Elso will too.

dear Alen help me please
my name is elso i7lgm i'have the ncl-2000 for national i'have yust problem whit my amp, don't trove the Switch Band to my is very intresting this, will you have the opportunity tell tu me where is possible trove this?
the referenz of Part list is ( S5 part desigation   B 51446 Part number ) for this SWITCH BAND 10-15-20-40-80 meter
is possible tu you indication to me where possible trove this.
I'have very pleasure for this information sorry for may english writing i'm Italian many thank's for questions sincely
Elso Lussoso (Jasmin) i7lgm

Alan, KØBG