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Title: Experience with DSP software
Post by: PE1RLN on May 03, 2001, 08:00:58 AM
Does anybody have experience with DSP-software? I like to put my audio into the computer and filter it with some sort of DSP software. Than I want to connect it to the speaker. Does anybody know wether this exists and where I can find it?

Thijs Has, PE1RLN, The Netherlands

Title: Experience with DSP software
Post by: KB9UMT on May 09, 2001, 11:53:07 PM
Hello....I downloaded a copy of the demo DSP program from Silcon Pixels a while back called ChromaSound and it seems to be a real neat program to use!! It was fun to play with but I got a newer rig with good DSP so never used this program to buy the full registered version but I think you would find this site and application that meets what you are looking for.

ChromaSOUND is a general-purpose audio DSP program, that provides the following features :

SSB "denoise", for reducing static on SSB signals
Automatic notch filter, for removing tones, heterodynes, and those pesky carriers
Bandpass, Low-Pass, High-Pass, and Band-stop (manual notch) filters
User-defined filters, using the built-in Graphical Filter Designer. Just drag your filter from the design window to an empty button!
Selection of pre-defined filters,
AGC, or Automatic Gain Control for operation under varying conditions

The website address below (pick Amatuer Radio then the ChromaSound DSP page):

73's and Good DSP hunting de KB9UMT Don

Title: Experience with DSP software
Post by: WA7UVX on September 13, 2001, 05:16:18 AM
Get a Clear Speech DSP Base unit. It is 95% automatic. It has an On/Off switch and thats it. You plug it into your audio out and plug your speaker into it. Cleans up all white noise and interference. Great buy for the money. Makes listening a real pleasure.
GL......  John

Title: Experience with DSP software
Post by: KH6DV on September 26, 2001, 04:42:34 AM
Has anyone tried the clear speech unit on cw. I would be interested in the results.  I have seen many reports about the performance on ssb but not alot of these reviews mention cw.