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Title: boarder crossing
Post by: VA3HLS on April 28, 2002, 08:00:02 AM
I am a Canadain ham that enjoys going to US. swaps and buying and selling all kinds of gear(it's kinda like a side hobby) The last time I tryed to go to a swap I was turned around because the INS officer said I was trying to make mony in the US. Being that I live in a boarder city there are more and beter US. swaps and I don't want to stop going. I thought maybe because ham radio is both educatinal and a goverment service that there might be so loop holes to help me bring my stuff across and continue what I have been doing before the INS steped in. dose anyone know of any laws of what to do?

Title: boarder crossing
Post by: WB2WIK on April 29, 2002, 01:42:43 PM
Um, maybe have declarations signed by the sellers indicating the equipment you're carrying across the border is "medical electronic equipment," which is duty-free under Canadian codes of trade & tarriff?

Or, have them issue receipts indicating the value of what you're buying is nearly zero, so you can get through customs by paying a tiny little duty?

I can't think of anything else.  Since the passage of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), things have gotten worse, not better, for the average citizen trying to do (personal) business in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico -- as far as I can see.

73 de Steve, WB2WIK/6

Title: boarder crossing
Post by: N8FGB on May 05, 2002, 05:37:00 PM
Ham radio gear was duty free even before NAFTA.Whay INS is saying is you are working in the US.Have to convince them you are not making money off the trip in US.

Title: boarder crossing
Post by: VE3ZXQ on June 26, 2002, 12:48:44 AM need to go to customs canada and register any equipment you want to bring in to the US...this means anything with a serial/model number on rigs, amps, perhaps antennas?...this in turns are given a green type card with said ser/model on it...but it also allows you to verify you has a legit amateur from when you grab that neat gizmo for a few have to declare on it, but it eliminates you from paying taxes on said item you long as it is radio related's been 10 years since my last excursion, so things may have changed since then....good luck

de VE3ZXQ James