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Title: Are you looking for a splendid simple project that
Post by: BRIANCAMBRE on January 01, 2003, 03:55:01 PM
Hello all and a Happy New Year!

Once in a blue moon I post my amazing little one
transistor FM receiver to different messageboards.
I want to have everyone have a chance of making
this fine little jewel...if that is what you
like...simple projects...and FM at that!

I call it 'The Radio Shack Special', since all of
the parts may be purchased their. No need to have
to mail order with this project. A week-end should
be all it takes to make the litle jem shine bright!

When you get to my website, just scroll down until
you see the words...


...and also read what Pedro, Philip and Murphy had
to say about it. They made it too and I let them
come up with their own unbiased as
I can be!

Without further ado, when you do see the project and
are in favor of making it, do let me know, and I will
help out in every way that I can. I will even give
you special help on certain areas that need to be exact!

The website is at:

           ...and let the project begin in 2003!



P.S. I will surely put down your documentary and pictures of your little unit...once you have made it
fly! I will surely put you down on the website as
another successful 'maiden voyage'!