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Title: Halicrafter R274 communication reciever Military v
Post by: WA5TAT on February 09, 2003, 08:44:45 PM
I would like for someone to let me know what the 4 tube numbers are that you would call in the front end of the reciever as one of them was missing and the markings on the chassis are missing. These tubes are by the band selector like from the rear of the chassis to the front panel. I think the tube in the rear is a 6BA6 and the very front one is a 6C4 I think, but the two between is the ones I would really like to know about. And which goes in what position like from back to front. And in case this isn't clear The tubes on the left hand side of the reciever if you are looking in the rear of the reciever. Ok.
Thanks much