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Title: BPL ARRL & the FCC. What's going on?
Post by: N6HBJ on January 23, 2006, 11:40:50 PM
So the ARRL seems to keep filing complaints with the FCC regarding certain BPL systems causing interference. I have not read one single article where the FCC actually responds to any of the mentioned complaints.

What is going on? Is the FCC just ignoring the ARRL? Is it just a long process? Does the ARRL intend to sue? I'm not hearing any info from the ARRL so I feel left in the dark. What is the legal process here?

What indeed is going on? And what about these BPL systems that have sucessfully notched out the Ham bands? What are they just going to ignore the shortwave broadcast bands? Who is speaking up for those of us who enjoy SWLing??

~Mike N6HBJ