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Title: Ford Windstar + HF Mobile HELPME
Post by: VE3HI on February 12, 2001, 12:20:04 AM
We have a 2000 Ford Windstar and are looking to get active on HF/VHF/UHF Mobile.  Both my XYL and I are hams... the kids are aspiring hams (I'd be willing to wager that they will have their tickets by the end of the year).

We are befuddled. We are looking at both the Yaesu FT-100D and the ICOM IC-706MkIIG. We are looking at the Yaesu ATAS-100 autotune antenna vs. the Icom AH-4 autotuner and a fibreglass whip.

Suggestions would be most appreciated in the area of:

1. Yaesu FT-100D vs. ICOM IC-706MKIIG - performance, reliability and ease of use.

2. Installation of the rig (should we remote the head?)

3. Choice of antenna ATAS-100 vs. AH4 + whip.

4. MOST IMPORTANT! - INSTALLATION OF THE ANTENNA! Where and with what kind of mount? We need to be able to remove it easily at night else it will be stolen (not to mention the contents of the Windstar).

Any input, suggestions, experiences, etc., would be gratefully received and faithfully applied during our trip to the East. (well, more south than East really).


Murray VE3HI and Joy VE3YUK

Title: Ford Windstar + HF Mobile HELPME
Post by: KB8VWV on February 12, 2001, 09:13:01 PM
All your options will work great!

1.  I have had better luck with the 706 over the FT100, I think the reviews in EHam will bear that out.

2.  the Yaesu ATAS is a great antenna and you can use it with the 706 with an AMCOM control unit.  Any of the screwdrivers are the ultimate.  The AH4 works great also but sometimes you may want to change the whips to get the best match.

3.  I have my antenna mounted in the upper rear corner of the drivers side so that it just barely does not interfere with opening the hatch.  I descided that the best setup in the center of the roof would be impossible to work on and too high.  I used a hustler SS ball mount.

4.  Ground, Ground Ground.......the remote mount is great if you want to really have it looking custom.
.......Have fun!

Title: Ford Windstar + HF Mobile HELPME
Post by: WT8Y on February 16, 2001, 01:45:17 PM
Keep cables/rig/ anything that has high levels of RF away from the center console under the dash. Vehicle control electronics are located there. Make sure the rig case is grounded with a short run to the chassis/floor pan of the vehicle. The antenna shield also should be grounded close to the antenna base to the body/metal,etc. If you don't on a Windstar things happen, ABS fault lights and Airbag fault warning lights flash, who knows what else might pop..I well remember my Winstar and RF.