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Title: size DOES matter!
Post by: K8WPJ on November 13, 2000, 01:44:15 PM
hi all,
I am installing a group of radios in my '88 chevy celebrity wagon. This objective is to be able to use this car for mobile events like disaster drills and checkpoints at community events like the cleveland revco marathon. I have designed a rack mount system that consists of 2 vertical rails that bolt to the transmission hump and the bottom of the dash. The radios would then bolt to the rails. So far, I have three 100 channel scanners, a pro 2067 trunktracker and a uniden CB. What I need is a 2m/440 rig that will fit between the rails without too much trouble. Can anyone recommend a specific make and model that is between 6 1/4 and 6 1/2 inches wide? I am trying to keep all the radios pretty much the same size. Thanks!


Title: size DOES matter!
Post by: KG4KJH on November 22, 2000, 10:31:29 AM
If you don't need simultaneou dual band use, the Yaesu FT-90R is nice and small.  You'd probably need some kind of bracket since I think it's not wide enough on it's own, but that seems like it should be fairly straightforward.

It's also fairly bulletproof against pagers.

Hope this is of some help!


Title: size DOES matter!
Post by: KJ6ETL on October 02, 2001, 10:13:38 AM
Some radio's have a off-set front.
So its much easier to find a good spot (above the front rear view mirror...)
Have a look at Kenwood an Yaesu They also offer wide receive and scannening options. The Kenwood even with a build inn TNC so you van hook it to your laptop and use packed radio and / or aprs.