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Title: Yaesu FT-897 or Icom 706MKIIG?
Post by: KD7ZVL on March 21, 2004, 12:49:09 PM
Hello all,

I am looking at either purchasing a Yaesu FT-897D or the Icom 706MKIIG, and I am looking for opinions on either rig.  I will be doing some remote work, but probably doing alot of work here at my house.  I had a demo the other day of a Yaesu FT-100, and the ATAS-120 antenna, and I was pretty impressed.  I know that the ATAS-120 is a compromised antenna, but we were talking from Seattle, WA to New Mexico.  The ATAS-120 works intregly with the Yaesu FT-897, but I would imagine there is something available that is comporable to the ATAS-120 for the Icom 706MKIIG.

At remote locations, I will probably use a Golf Cart Battery (that way I have longer talk time, and could use 100 watts if needed).  From what I understand, the Golf Cart Batteries are Deep Cycle, so it will work better then a normal car battery.

Any or all opinions would be appreciated.



Title: Yaesu FT-897 or Icom 706MKIIG?
Post by: K0BG on March 22, 2004, 11:09:18 AM
Some might argue, but the 706/AH-4/102" whip combo works better than the ATAS120 setup. There are other alternatives as well depending on how deep your pockets are and how much performance you want.

Size matters! Big ugly antennas work better than little ones. A good quality screwdriver will always out perform a hamstick. The former costs upwards of $400, the latter about $30.

In the back of the April QST is a Tech Talk (Icom ad) for the 706 which gives some real world numbers on how much current the 706 uses. Good reading if you're planning to back pack with it.

I like my 706, but I'm sure the Yaesu is OK too or they wouldn't have 20% of the market.

Alan, KØBG

Title: Yaesu FT-897 or Icom 706MKIIG?
Post by: K5LXP on March 22, 2004, 11:57:27 AM
Ditto to all of K0BG's comments, would add that a friend of mine has the 897, and I have a 706.  The 897 is a little bit bigger but has a smaller display.  They both do pretty much all the same stuff, and draw about the same power doing it.  If you read the ARRL lab report on each one, you'll see that both are comparable in performance.  It would come down to operator preference when as to which one to choose, neither one is "good" or "bad" when compared to the other.

If you were "impressed" with the performance of the ATAS, you'll be amazed what it'll do with a dipole.  :-)

As far as operating from storage batteries, this subject has been beat to death in the Elmers, MobileHam and Emergency Communications forums here on eHam.  If you've got any questions after checking those out, post again and we'll go from there.

Mark K5LXP
Albuqueruque, NM

Title: Yaesu FT-897 or Icom 706MKIIG?
Post by: K7IHC on March 26, 2004, 08:40:39 PM
The Yaesu FT-857 is more the counterpart to the IC-706 MkIIG than the FT-897.  The 897 is a larger, more expensive *luggable* unit, due to the internal battery options.  I bought an FT-857 over the Icom 706 because of the opinions and reviews of others.  It was rated overall a bit better than the 706. I've had my 857 since Dec '03, and I like it a lot.