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Title: IM/Text Messaging
Post by: WD6EJN on March 31, 2003, 06:30:01 PM
I would like to have a list of IM ("instant messaging")
"abbreviated Text Messaging" for my group to add to q-signals, procedural signs AR,BT,KN etc.
Just for fun!
Where can I find a page I can print and send or e-mail to the members of my club (which could be about 90% of licensed hams and swls)of hams with antenna restrictions?
Although I do not have a permanent residence and what
limited time I am allowed to stay as a guest, I have
still not contacted any local hams on this band, despite sending cq for over a week!
I may be mobile soon and this will defeat the purpose of the group as I can have any size antenna I want! but sooner or later I will have to move into an apartment when I can afford it!
In the meantime keep your eyes open for 160 or 1750 meter equipment if you are one of the unfortunate hams
with cc&rs.

Title: IM/Text Messaging
Post by: K0HZI on April 21, 2003, 09:06:58 PM
Use, place in the search box "abbreviated Text Messaging", you will get links to pages of terms.
With club email there is email lists, or use google and serach for list servers (mailman is one I think) or create a club on Yahoo egroups: every one can post and every one that is a member gets the post eamiled to their personal email client of choice.