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Title: Please file your comments about BPL !!!!!
Post by: KK2QQ on August 15, 2003, 02:48:47 PM
Hey all:

I admit I had been standing on the sidelines for BPL (although I did
contribute a decent amount of money to the ARRL Spectrum Defense
Fund), however, it wasn't until I saw the ARRL's Video depicting the
actual interference that BPL generates that really made my blood boil
and got me to file my comments to the FCC.

Here is a link to the shocking video (PLEASE WATCH IT):

Here is an EASY link to let you file your comments about BPL:

Tick the top Docket: BPL 03-014
Then Click the Continue Button at the bottom of the page.
Then fill in the form with your comments and hit submit.

If BPL really goes through, I'll be putting almost all of my Ham
Equipment up for Sale -- although it'll probably be worthless except
for scrap metal and silicon.