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Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: KE4IAP on July 11, 2007, 07:07:46 AM
Well as always there are those that would rather bring up issues about new start ups.  If you haven't already seen some of the stupid comments made on this Club you can see that they have limited imagination.  Instead of joining the group and make a difference they have chosen to complain, criticize and just plain flame the unknown.

Granted I started the club, but this does not make it my club if those that join wish to make it a paying club then so be it.  Did you make a contribution to eHam, ARRL, Ten-Ten International, SMIRK or 6Mtr Group?    Or just complain!

Look at the Ten-Ten, SMIRK and 6mtr Group, there web sites are no better constructed then the 10-6 Club, and look at there membership.  So unless you can safely say you are an expert at forming and running amateur Radio clubs.  Then please do us all a favor and keep your complaints to yourself.  Let those that wish to make an honest decision do so with out un-justified criticism.

And for those that live and breathe CB, 10-6 means 10 meters and 6 meters Duh!

Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: KE4IAP on July 13, 2007, 12:18:46 PM
At the start of this Club I have been trying to add it to the eHams Link database but for what ever reason it keeps getting deleted.  Also the so called site managers refuse to acknowledge any and all emails sent to them asking why this clubs link keeps getting deleted.  

My opinion of the managers of this site is that they only hold a glorified title!

Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: N0FPE on July 14, 2007, 12:01:18 PM
Hmmm...sounds like sour grapes to me....I looked at your site.. I will not register just to look at things that should be open to the public.
IMHO of are free to do what ever you want.
also I will never do anything with a website that wants to add cookies to my computer. If I didnt have them blocked your site would add them for no reason. PASS


Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: KV9U on July 15, 2007, 01:46:35 PM
I had the same reaction as Dan, N0FPE. You are competing with hundreds of specialty ham groups some of which have been in place for decades!

You need to come across as a reasonable and balanced person who has a positive message and has something compelling to offer.

Most people tend to avoid anyone who starts off with the attitudes expressed by KE4IAP complaining about others.

With the low signal to noise ratio, I am still not clear what the group is even attempting to do. I would focus on that and avoid attacking others.

Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: AE6RO on July 18, 2007, 09:04:02 PM
  I thought about registering but it seemed to want too much informations so I didn't.
  Although the idea of a ten and six meter club is a noble one. And one with an historical basis.
  73, AE6RO

Title: 10m-6m Club
Post by: XE1VE3OQC on August 23, 2007, 05:53:01 AM
Unbelievable! You people are something else,too much information,don´t understand what the club is trying to do.Brilliant,is this not how most clubs start by trying to bring people together?
Initiation into a club is not an invasion of privacy nor is it asking for too much information from you to get a proper data base.
I like it because it gives the new guys something to get into without having to subdue themselves to the likings of the ARRL.
Sure the activity on 6 and 10 is low for this time of the year, and being a low point in the cycle for good DX on these bands.

This is a good idea somewhat like the 70´s when small clubs such as this were organized to bring a friendship to the ranks rather than having to bow to the ranks.
Frankly this is a good idea,you don´t like it don´t look at it,don´t comment.Keep your mouth shut,the world does not revolve around your opinions.