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Title: 6m Wideband noise...
Post by: KB1GMX on October 12, 2003, 02:55:36 PM
Anyone have a clue on this one..

Band 6m

Noise every ~69.5khz stating from 50.005 on up through 6m.  Th noise is wide (tunes about 7Khz wide using 200hz filter) and directional.  It sounds like FM with CTCSS on the carrier more or less.  From my QTH is southwest and nearly S5!  I've ruled out everything in the house by pulling the main breaker and running on battery.  Sure makes a mess of weak signal listening
as one spur of it hits the 50.137-50.143mhz area.
Strength varies and occasionally its not there at all
though most of the time it's there.

Qth is Framingham MA and others in the region have heard this too.  We think it's either from Plasma TVs or from the antenna farm down Newton way (all the major TV channels are there) which is also coincides with my beam heading for max noise.

Any thoughs? I may have to hunt it down.