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Title: 706MKII or TS690
Post by: FORMER_W5TD_JOHN on July 10, 2006, 10:25:39 PM
I currently have an Icom 706MKII which I picked up recently, and it is doing a decent job on HF and 6, other than the receiver overloading at times in the IARU contest, and the SSB audio being kind of wimpy-really can't push it to 100 watts out.  It is nice to have the built in CW keyer, and the 100 watts on 6 meters, not to mention 20 watts on 2 meters.

However, I have also been looking at a couple of Kenwood TS690s which I could get in exchange for the MKII.  I had a TS690 briefly last year, and it seemed like a pretty good radio.  The 690 would have built in autotuner, more filter options,and better metering (you can read power and SWR at the same time), but it would require an outboard keyer, and only does 50 watts on 6 meters, with no 2 meters. Still, it seems like it might be a better contest performer.

Has anyone compared these 2 rigs?  And what are other's opinions?  Would the TS690 be a better rig to have than the 706MKII?  It is much less menu driven.