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Title: my mobile radio enclosure ...
Post by: BPONG on October 24, 2009, 04:26:37 PM
i use my vehicle as my primary operating location.
however, i am abit wary of keeping my equipment in my vehicle.  last year, for field day, i mounted my equipment on a board that was inside a roll away carry on luggage bag.  that was okay but i had a hard time seeing my radio, and it was always abit too low for my viewing angle.
after that experience, i decided on putting all my stuff into a radio box that is carried on a kayak cart.  i can wheel my equipment to and from my vehicle easily; the tires are air filled.  and it is not too heavy to lift into the rear cargo bay, which is my mobile radio shack.

the pic of my enclosure:

the enclosure contains the following equipment:
- IC7200
- LDG AT100Pro
- MFJ keyer/reader
- daiwa CN801HP swr meter
- 300W MFJ dummy load, mounted inside in the back

to switch between my tuner and dummy load, i simply swap cables on the female-female connector located on the leftside - no contacts or faulty switches to deal with.

the kayak cart is from wheeleez; their website is ...

i had a spare one, so i used it to make the carrier portion of the enclosure.  wheeleez did a nice touch by adding 1/4 holes in the frame so that it can be easily mounted on a flat surface.


Title: RE: my mobile radio enclosure ...
Post by: K5END on November 29, 2009, 11:48:32 AM
Looks nice. Good job.