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Title: Bad ham Be aware KG4LMU John
Post by: K8SPY on December 21, 2003, 02:27:49 AM
Hello all a little back ground first. I loaned John KG4LMU a 3 element Beam and my MFJ analyzer Back in July of 2003. It is now 12/21/03 and I have yet to see it he said he doesnt have it and he would pay for it. Like I said I still have not received anything yet. Still waiting John....
K8SPY Scott

Title: Bad ham Be aware KG4LMU John
Post by: N2BR on February 09, 2004, 06:44:45 PM
That is bad when a ham let another ham use some his gear and that ham never offer to return it.I have let local ham's use some of my gear,When i did get it back it was damages or i find out they sold it or traded it.I picky who i let use my stuff....Bob N2BR

Title: Bad ham Be aware KG4LMU John
Post by: KJ4I on March 08, 2004, 01:45:42 AM
I guess this is why I have never loaned equipment. Their are only about one or two good hams that I trust loaning my gear to.. Other than those I learned from experience most of the time when you get it back its either filthy, scratched, or damaged and usually all of the above.. I hate to be this way but I pay way to much for my equipment to let someone else tear it up. Hope you get yours back.. 73's Jason

Title: Bad ham Be aware KG4LMU John
Post by: K8SPY on April 29, 2004, 01:22:39 AM
Well here we are in April of 2004, the 29th to be exact and still nothing from John KG4LMU. He keeps telling me he has a job and they have found it but it is just a smoke screen. Do not trust KG4LMU John Powell. As far as I am concerned he has outright stolen and lied to me about  my equipment I loan to him.
Scott K8SPY
See ya in court John :-)

Title: Bad ham Be aware KG4LMU John
Post by: KG4LMU on August 21, 2004, 11:01:54 PM
Its funny how someone calls you every name in the book and threatens you with every means possible. Stuff happens sometimes and things get screwed around. Yet once the situation gets resolved its a whole nother bag a beans. Yet know one is stating the fact the Scott/K8spy has had his o so important analyzer returned to him unharmed. By all means let us not forget the fact k8spy had to travel all the way to my house to finally get his stuff returned. Yet for the whole year Mr. K8spy was hounding for his $300.00 dollars not once did he ask if he could just come and get it. Through all of the e-mails I received all he ever did was try to scam me out of three hundred dollars. A year ago when I tried to return his o so wonderful analyzer, he stated o go a head and hold on to it?  Ya so I can get slated as this wonderful person. I agree and apoligize for the inconveince to Scott and his analyzer for being seperated for such a long time. I never intended on any of this becomming and internet Saga, Soap opera. But whats done is done. I hope things have been resolved if not go try to screw someone else out of 300 $$$....