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Title: Reviews On Cushcraft AR270B
Post by: KE4TQH on June 25, 2002, 10:19:59 PM
I purchased a AR270B antenna .I got a new one at a good price,which was the main reason I purchasd it.What is the reputation of these antennas?.Are they durable and hold up well?.Any info would be appreciated.

Title: Reviews On Cushcraft AR270B
Post by: K9KJM on June 26, 2002, 03:42:45 AM
Depends on which antenna you have. Cushcraft, for whatever reason, has named all kinds of different antennas with very similar sounding names/numbers.
The white fiberglass, 3 pc dual-band (two meter/446Mhz) Now discontinued, Is a great performer, Not DC grounded, and whips in the wind somewhat. The "Ringo" series, with the small tuning loop at the base are refered to as "air cooled dummy loads" BUT the original "short" Ringo is a very tough, Direct DC ground antenna. I use several, Both for ham use and commercial use. The next version, known as "Ringo Ranger" or Ringo Ranger II" are best used by removing the top parts and putting them back to original "short" size. At least then they will last. The newer ones with the black plastic "loading" coils, or whatever they are called, Don't seem to work at all. I have seen several in this area, and none work good at all............  And I do not see them in the latest AES catalog...... If you got one of these, Good Luck!