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Title: Software for Net Control Logging?
Post by: KA2IRQ on November 30, 2002, 08:43:16 PM

What do amateurs who handle net control duties for various nets use for logging?

Seems to me that all the logging programs are geared towards DXCC, contests, rig control, DX spotting, etc.  All of those are one station making contact with other stations, one after another.

A net is a bit different in that (at least the way I think of it), the net control is not making a bunch of individual contacts with individual stations- my logging program should have one entry for the whole net, and a list attached to that entry of the stations that checked in.

I would like a program that keeps track of all the checkins to a net, then creates a single database record with a summary of the net (# of checkins, date, time, freq., total messages handled, etc.).  If you select that record later, it would pop up with a list of the checkins for that net session.

Right now I'm using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and an Access database, which kind of works OK, but becomes unmanageable after a long time.

Like I said, I'm curious what other net controls do for logging each net- or does everyone still pull out the ol' pen and pad?  I'm more interested in ARES/RACES/Skywarn, but I'd be interested in hearing from net controls from NTS or other types of nets also.


Marlo- KA2IRQ

Title: Software for Net Control Logging?
Post by: KB9UMT on December 07, 2002, 09:27:58 AM

Try this Net loggging program works FB!!  Seems to be a great progam used by many around me here in the Central Region for Net Controlers:

Go to this URL Link/website:

Here is a screen shot of the Net Control Screen:

This program does lots of things and it is at a very good price for what it does....give it a try!

de kb9umt Don

Title: Software for Net Control Logging?
Post by: KA1VGM on January 23, 2003, 07:12:20 PM
Try the software I am in the process of writing at: