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Title: Looking for a good Ham club in the north Dallas (Texas) area
Post by: KC5NGV on July 06, 2010, 06:09:14 PM
I emailed the McKinney club, but no one has responded to my inquiry.

My buddy and I got our ham radio licenes in college (1994) and loved talking on them. After graduation, we got out of practice and haven't spoken on them in years!

I'm a firearms instructor and preach to my students weekly that these are perishable it turns out, so are amatuer radio skills! I've forgotten so much and want to re-learn everything. I'm interested in learning about antennas, wave propogation, different radios, etc....the whole shootin' match.

Since i'm an instructor myself, I prefer the classroom based classes with actual human interation but will settle for an internet class if you know of a good one.