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Title: Looking for a used rig for 30 and 40 meters
Post by: W7ETA on May 01, 2011, 09:27:38 PM
I'm considering buying a used rig for use on 30 and 40 meter CW.  Minimum is dual VFOs with "split". What I really want is dual receivers however.

To have FUN, I use a C-Line.  When there is a big pile up I'd like to play in, I use my TS950S.

This rig I'm contemplating buying will be used at a second location--not in my house.

It's been a more than a decade since I've looked at transceivers. 

SO, I'm looking for suggestions.

Best from Tucson

Title: RE: Looking for a used rig for 30 and 40 meters
Post by: ZENKI on May 01, 2011, 11:32:00 PM

Look at the Elecraft K2. It has a very decent receiver and its performance on CW is superb. If you get a decent external RF speech processor it will work very well on SSB as well. It works superbly off the internal battery if you into QRP/portable work.

The K2 is a superb CW/Portable radio and I like its receiver performance very much on CW much more than my pair of K3's. I use my K2 more than my K3 because the receiver sounds better. The keyer  works very well with my single lever paddle.

If you have a noisy location the K2's noise blanker is far  from spectacular.

If you do get the K2, get the external heavy duty  VFO knob which turns the K2 into a superb rig for quickly tuning the bands. Some third party company machines and sells this knob. I forget  their name.

If you cant build the K2 or  find a used one, I would look at the TS-590S. Its the deal of the century in ham radio at the moment. It packs  a lot of receiver punch and works well in just about every mode.