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Title: 60-Meters CODAR Victory
Post by: K0OD on July 16, 2011, 10:06:41 AM
Received this good news today:

"Howdy all,

As of today Rutgers University CODAR team has moved all eight of
their sites from 5.375 MHz which was causing us the 60 Meter
interference, to 4.900 MHz thus solving the problem.

A hearty thanks to Josh Kohut, Ethan Handel and the rest of the Rutgers
CODAR team for their support and cooperation in testing and taking
action to solve our 60 Meter interference problem.

Thank you Gentlemen !

An equally hearty thanks goes to everyone who participated in the
monitoring, data gathering and reporting that led to the success of this

At the beginning of this effort I received reports from Costa Rica,
Hawaii, Alaska, Wake Island and other distant locations.  I'm not sure
if the problem has been solved at these locations since I didn't receive
monitoring information during our test periods but if you are still
plagued by CODAR on 60 Meters you might try contacting the Ocean
Sciences department of your local University and discuss the problem
with them.

If the CODAR is no longer causing interference at the distant
locations then that is evidence of the phenomena propagation
characteristics on 60 Meters which we noted during our test periods.

73 & the best of 60 Meter DX to all of you.

Dan Welch - W6DFW
Official Observer Coordinator
ARRL Orange Section"