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Title: Help please for Christmas gift
Post by: SANDY9618 on November 06, 2001, 12:03:59 PM
My girl friend's 11 year old son spent the summer at a science camp where he spent several weeks learning about Ham and short wave radios.  He has learned morse code and got his licence (I am not sure exactly what that means).  This youngster is a technology buff and very interested in anything electronic.  He is in all the advancedscience classes and Aces them all.

Here is my problem...I know nothing about this hobby but would like to buy him a radio "transciever" for Christmas as it seems to be his only item on the wish list.  I am not sure where to go except Radio Shack and the sales guys here do not seem to be really knowledgable on the subject.

Here are some details that might be important.
1.  He is 11 years old with no one around to assist him in the building of a kit

2.  He lives in New Jersey in a high rise building.  31st floor with a terrace that has a clear line of sight North, East and South.

3.  I am sure he will need an antena that can be used on the terrace and not mounted on the roof or outside wall.  The building is steel and concrete but his terrace is about 500 feet above the ground.  (31st floor on a 200ft high palasade.

I hope this is enough detail for someone to recommend what I need to buy to get him started.  Also what are price ranges for beginer's outfits.

I want to buy him something that is good enough to encourage him and not frustrate him yet I need to be $$ careful.

Any assistance would be helpful -- Also, need to know about new vs. used.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Title: Help please for Christmas gift
Post by: WB2WIK on November 07, 2001, 12:00:17 PM
Sandy, where'd you hear about this website?  Just curious.

We'd need to know the class of license the 11 year-old has in order to make any equipment or antenna recommendations.  If you just ask him for his callsign, we can instantly look that up and find out, so the callsign alone is sufficient information.

Sounds like they live in quite a luxurious place, like the towers in the North Bergen area overlooking the Hudson and having that fabulous view of the NYC skyline.  I know the area well (although I live in Los Angeles).

Let us know!

Steve, WB2WIK/6

Title: Help please for Christmas gift
Post by: N5XM on November 12, 2001, 06:56:10 AM
Boy, I hate to admit it, because it's just one more example of how cynical this old world has become, but for someone who knows "nothing about the hobby", Sandy, how the heck do you know what a "transciever" is, and why do you put quotation marks around it? You can't spell simple words, but you sure know how to spell transciever, and you know enough to tell everybody about the composition and location of the building, not to mention the altitude of the "kids" apartment. You suggest he needs help with a building project, so why don't you just go ahead and suggest a K2 and get it over with? There are loads of generous Hams who would help a youngster like this, including myself, but until proven otherwise, this one stinks to high heaven. I would feel better about it if you just were honest and came out and asked everyone for donations for your own Christmas present in the form of an Omni VI+ or an FT-1000D. Sorry...

Title: Help please for Christmas gift
Post by: KA0MR on July 26, 2002, 10:58:04 AM
First I want to say that's one lucky girlfriend to have a boyfriend so supportive of her childs' interest.

And to you sir you are a model any father should want to follow. if my parents had recognized my needs at the very same age and the very same needs as this youngster. Cultivate this child he will go far I assure you.

Like the suggestion you have already received and what you no doubt will also get is a soon as we know what class of liscense he has we  all can offer what we can.

Again what a lucky boy to have such support. And also such a nice antenna location!!!

I am the Trustee of The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company's Wichita Factory Amateur radio club and between us and all the athors that will no doubt come forward this inspiration of a child will get the help he needs.

The Boeing Radio Club