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Title: Program cooperating with Logger32 and a few servers for personal data
Post by: SP9AUV on April 28, 2012, 11:14:58 AM
Hello all friends !
 I would like to inform all  that I developed a few programs
cooperating with theLogger32 in a communication window ,
what the authors Logger32 predicted .Programs are available on my website
and particularly describing the programs on
and site to download programs

The following programs have been developed
1. BUREAU_NOT_PRESENT  The program shows for the QSO the country and  for it if there
    is present  QSL Bureau or not     Screenshot for this version you get when you click

2.BUREAU_ALL_QRZ_COM_FI Program work with Logger32 and extracting
    data from page QRZ.COM or HAMQTH.COM or HAMCALL.NET .
  You can select simple any server from this severs . Downloaded personal data for station
  sends to Logger32. Besides, the program checks    whether there is a QSL bureau or not.
  In addition, the program correct the incorrect and illogical entries    QSL_Via the field
  such as entry    OY1JD, JOGVAN SUNE, BOX 1302, TORSHAVN, FO-110, FAROE ISLANDS
  making him the field QSL_Via as value  OY1JD . Sou this field can directly write on your QSL card .
  Program  taking the data only in a text form and sou it is very fast .

  Program - if you make a QSO with a station which the country has no QSL bureau
  and do not send QSL via QSL_Manager, or DIRECT ---> such
  QSO's is written into a separate file in a form  text column in a readable form.
  ScreenShots for this version you get when you click
3. For download on the site are also a source for example in Delphi being the transformation of the source
     Visual Basic language with a similar name on  Logger32 page

                        Vy 73 de Jerzy SP9AUV