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Title: Poke Around For Old Parts
Post by: AD6KA on July 05, 2012, 11:45:03 PM
Yeah, Radio Shack carries 5 and 10 foot
long 16 gauge steel swaged masts like this 5
footer for $23.99. OUCH!

BUT....if you ASK the manager if they have any
of the "Old Style Masts" laying around, you might get lucky.

They ARE much thinner and lighter than the 16 gauge,
but they are PERFECT to stack up and use to hold up
the end of dipoles. (My use...) or support a VHF/UHF vertical
type like a Comet GP-9. You'll never support anything
heavy withthese, but wires

But the best thing OF ALL?
I got THREE of these thin wall good quality
steel masts for ONLY $2.97 EACH plus tax!

So the next time you're ear a Radio Shack your
rarely or never go in.....go in and see if you can
pick up some inexpensive antenna supports.
73, Ken  AD6KA

Title: RE: Poke Around For Old Parts
Post by: K1CJS on July 25, 2012, 06:12:49 AM
That's only if you can find a store that has been in business for some years at their present location.  That doesn't include all that many places, at least in the area where I am.