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Title: 30 Meter SWL and digital modes
Post by: KB9UMT on October 20, 2012, 04:05:41 PM
Hello SWLers,

Hope you don’t mind but I would like to introduce to you a Digital Ham Radio Group that is FREE to join and SWLers are welcome to join and participate. 

How can you get more information and/or join? Please go here:

The Group promotes the 30 Meter band – 10.100 to 10.150 MHZ (most digital modes from 10.132 to 10.150 – most popular being PSK31 around 10.140 to 10.142 USB)
(For a very detailed 30m Band chart please go to the 30m Band Utilization Chart – Provided by Ian G3NRW)

All are welcome to participate in the 30MDG Awards Program – it’s easy, fun and FREE…go here:
111 Awards to keep you busy on the 30m band:
FREE software to make applying for 30MDG Awards easy and fun:

As a longtime SWLer back some 40 years I was always interested in different activities and different modes to listen in on to learn more.  The modes of AM, SSB, and CW most common modes but today if these are the only modes a SWLer is listening in on you are missing a lot more activity that are digital modes – those of RTTY, PSK31/63/125, MFSK, Olivia, Contestia, FeldHell, JT65, WSPR, ROS, Domino, and many more.  Nice thing about the digital modes is almost any SWL receiver that does SSB can be used along with a PC soundcard and FREE software (please note most all digital modes are in USB).  It is as simple as downloading the software, making or purchasing a short jumper that will plug into your external sound jack on your receiver to your pc’s soundcard in/mic jack (most can even be copied and decoded by having the receiver close to your pc’s mic or using an external pc mic positioned next to your receiver’s speaker).

Some Links for examples of listening in on digital modes:
Some Links for beginners:

For beginner users you might want to start with a simple program called DIGIPAN that will decode the most popular digital mode of BPSK31 or PSK31…go here to download:

Try Some Multi-Mode Digital Software (Most have RSID): (RSID) (RSID) (RSID)
What is RSID:

If RSID is not being use please reference this link from FLDIGI on the Sight & Sounds of different digital modes that might help you determine what mode is being heard/seen on your waterfall:

Most active have already mastered all of this but for some if you have not tried it please give it a try and have fun SWLing.


Title: RE: 30 Meter SWL and digital modes
Post by: K6SDW on December 21, 2012, 01:44:19 PM
Like the 6-mtr band, 30-mtrs is mighty lonely most of the time!! Too bad, cuz it has the potential of world-wide DX most any day!