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Post by: KM4IY on January 04, 2013, 07:20:40 PM
i've been inactive for quite a while and needed to upgrade my handhelds because all of the repeaters are toned, in my area...

i picked up a couple of the ADI AT-600 dual band radios and they do what i want them to do very well... since i live on the fringes of the repeater coverage, i use them to crossband... on low power. 

i've noticed that when i go to high power, the low battery error comes up... the only way i can operate on high power is with a fresh 12v mah battery, and then not for long.

is this just quirky for these radios or is there a problem?

i'm not going to junk them, cause they do what i want, but as they are, i can't depend upon them for more serious work if i need to.