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Title: DXCC Entity List
Post by: W8RID on January 18, 2013, 03:54:32 PM
I have been updating my list for DXCC contacts.
I have been going over my LOTW and QSL cards received.

I have a question about the DXCC entity lists.

In my LOTW I have a few confirmed contacts that are not showing up on the entity list but LOTW is counting them. I will list them below. Maybe someone can let me know what is up with these if LOTW is counting them but they are not on the Entity list.

Alaska AL9A
European Russia R7DX
France TM6M
Guernsey MU0GSY
Isle of Man MD2C
Northern Ireland MI0SAI
Puerto Rico NP4G
Scotland MM0TFU
United States of America N3MK

LOTW is counting these but I cannot find the corresponding country entity for these.


Title: RE: DXCC Entity List
Post by: N5MOA on January 18, 2013, 04:57:12 PM
The DXCC entity list the entities by the, for lack of a better word, main prefix.

The United States, for instance, is listed as "K", but we also ha W, N, WA, WB, etc..... that count for NA.

Those are ITU Allocations.  and click "dxcc" at the top of the page, then "all entities"

 is a DXCC list, along with the ITU Allocations for each, but it does need updating, as it doesn't include Z8 for Republic of South Sudan. But it will give you a good idea.

Looking at your France example, TM6M, FA-FZ, HW-HY, TH, TK, TM, TO-TQ, TV-TX are all allocations for France. And if you hear a TO--, it could be an island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Africa or in the Antarctic.

Other than the TO's, which pretty much have to be looked up every time, a good logging program will let you know where they are.

edit: link didn't work.

Title: RE: DXCC Entity List
Post by: AA6YQ on January 18, 2013, 06:01:32 PM
This is the entity list used by the DXCC Award Program, which LotW supports: (

As Tom N5MOA pointed out, there can be several different prefixes associated with a particular DXCC entity, and some prefixes are ambiguous with respect to DXCC entity.


           Dave, AA6YQ

Title: RE: DXCC Entity List
Post by: W6GX on January 18, 2013, 09:47:05 PM

To add to the list of suggestions you could upload your QSOs to and it will break down the DXCCs for your with a fairly high accuracy.  I've found many instances where my logging program logged the incorrect DXCC and clublog was smart enough to catch the mistakes.  You do need to register with clublog however the registration is free.  GL.

Jonathan W6GX

Title: RE: DXCC Entity List
Post by: N3QE on January 19, 2013, 08:20:20 AM
The calls you point out are very common and they are allocated to the correct entities by LOTW but maybe they do not match the "prefix sorted" DXCC list you've seen.

In addition to seeing which DXCC entity goes with each call by using LOTW (only works AFTER the QSL is confirmed in LOTW), you can often look them up on QRZ.COM, or look them up in "COUNTRIES.DAT" (which is kinda human readable).

Also, clublog has a very handy feature where if you upload your .ADI log to it, it has a tab called "QSL charts" to help you identify call in your log to DXCC country. Or you can use "CALL TESTER" tab to identify a call that's not yet in an uploaded log. The "CALL TESTER" knows a lot of vagaries related to old DXpeditions with oddball (not unique) calls and deleted entities and sometimes the date field is important for these corner cases. For the calls you are asking about, they are all perfectly "vanilla" calls commonly seen.

Title: RE: DXCC Entity List
Post by: PB1TT on January 19, 2013, 08:53:12 AM
Alaska AL9A = KL,AL,NL,WL
European Russia R7DX = UA-UI1-7 RA-RZ
France TM6M = F
Guernsey MU0GSY = GU, GP
Isle of Man MD2C = GD, GT
Northern Ireland MI0SAI = GI, GN
Puerto Rico NP4G = KP3-4
Scotland MM0TFU = GM, GS
United States of America N3MK = K,W,N,AA-AK