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Title: Kenwood TS-870 Owners / Basic Tx Settings.
Post by: W0PPD on February 20, 2013, 05:15:28 AM

I just lucked onto a 50 mil serial number, mint in box TS-870. I made the purchase for how nice I know the audio is with these units.

I have a complete grasp on tailoring the received audio, however there appears to be many settings and ideas on the net that do not come from reliable sources.

I will be using the Kenwood Mc-60 mic with this unit when it arrives.

Could a few of you that are owners of this fine rig please make suggested settings for good starting tx audio? I have heard to use some proc, no proc. some eq, no eq, mic gain use as opposed to using car to control the alc that I am really somewhat confused.

I would really appreciate all of the settings that you use and why, something  that I can start out with using good audio without having to ask so much on the air about different settings and how do I sound now?, type of qso's.



p.s. I know that not all settings will work with everyone's voice patterns,but I am sure that there should be some good or bad settings regardless.

Any assistance from a TS-870 owner or past owner would be appreciated.

Title: RE: Kenwood TS-870 Owners / Basic Tx Settings.
Post by: NO2A on February 20, 2013, 01:03:34 PM
If the `870 has a monitor function,I would use that to hear your audio. Of course it will be somewhat different from the actual on air sound,it should still help. I use compression with the eq also. You could start by trying the default setings for those which should be in the manual. If your voice is very baritone you`d probably want higher eq settings to bring out the midrange or treble. A higher voice would be just the opposite,with lower bass type settings.