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Title: WARNING-NA0DP.... Don Pinson a.k.a. NA0DP, formerly N7DPP, AA7DP and W6HFS
Post by: KC8UAV on March 19, 2013, 04:55:47 AM
I am giving all hams fair warning not to deal with Donald Pinson, NA0DP from Orting, WA. He is a career crook, scamming many hams out of property across the country. He may think by changing his call he can wipe the slate clean (formerly N7DPP, AA7DP and W6HFS)  but that is far from happening. Currently, there are multiple investigations, news agencies have been alerted, blogs, scam reports and numerous threads have been written about this guy. Please do your research before making any type of transactions. Until Don Pinson made a transaction with me, I've personally never had the need to really run a report on a fellow ham. Boy how I miss the old days of when a handshake or a mans word meant something. I encourage all of you who've spent time to update your blogs, threads and emails to reflect Don's new call sign. Don't let this crook give ham radio a bad name. We have the power and know-how to get the word out.

Here's some links to all of his "satisfied" customers:,86817.0.html

I would also join in with other hams that have been taken by Don Pinson by contacting the Orting, WA news.

wow....even facebook

Keep this going. Keep the pressure on him. Eventually, all of this is going to catch up to him. Hopefully, some time in the "grey-bar" motel may do some good.