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Title: Remote control from a Samsung smart phone
Post by: K9AQ on August 26, 2013, 11:46:35 AM
I recently upgraded my work cell phone from a Blackberry to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  I had been thinking that there was no reason why I couldn't extend my Internet remote control to a smartphone, as well as from a remote laptop.

I used Ham Radio Deluxe for the rig control, and Wave Node to monitor PWR/SWR.  I use for remote virtual desktop access and Skpe for the audio.

I found that there was LogMeIn Ignition available for low cost from my smartphone, so I installed that.  Skpe was also available at no cost.

After installing these applications, I was immediately able to access my station.  The operation of LogMeIn Ignition takes some getting used to but it works very well.  To simplify the xmit/rcvr control, I started using VOX, which I normally don't using.

After running some tests in to a dummy load I got enough confidence to give this a real on-air try.

I called CQ on 40 meters (I was in my log cabin in the northwood of Wisconsin, which is 200 miles from my home QTH)  I got a response on my first try and had a nice QSO with a station in Texas, who gave me a good signal report.

It really does work!