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Title: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: M0SDB on September 24, 2013, 08:21:45 AM
Hello all

I only got my license a couple of weeks ago and have already caught the bug for vintage Kenwood kit.  I have a TS-430S with MC-60 mic and SP-430 speaker and have a TS830S on the way also and an MC 50 mic.

So, when searching around ebay I found a Kenwood Datamitter DR-100 which I ended up winning for £1.20 (around $2) and thought for that price I might as well take a punt on it.

Trouble is now I just cannot found anything at all about it despite various attempts at searching the internet.

Can anyone shed any light on what it is I have bought and in particular point me in the direction of a manual?

Thanks all

Danny M6YDB

Title: RE: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: K5TED on September 25, 2013, 07:15:07 PM
You might have been scammed.

Title: RE: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: M0SDB on September 27, 2013, 05:20:58 AM
No - definitely not.

I have it in my hands and it is definitely a piece of Kenwood hardware.  I have seen a photo of one onaJapanese website also on a Kenwood Trio box.

Pics below are mine - some scam if they have gone to these lengths for a couple of dollars!!


Title: RE: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: WB2WIK on September 27, 2013, 11:53:53 AM
Here's a picture of one with its original packaging!

Based on comments here it appears to be a modem:

Title: RE: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: M0SDB on September 27, 2013, 10:58:56 PM
Hi and thanks for the reply

Yes, agree (as does Ken K4EAA) that it appears to a very early PC to Radio interface in the days before PC's were powerful enough to do the full modulation for the various data modes.

I think it is almost definitely radio related as the mic lead nicely fits my TS-430S and the mic input acts as a pass through so I can use voice modes without unplugging it.

My next challenge is to see what happens when I hook in a patch lead to the AF In on the DR 100 and see if it sends the signal to my TS-430S.

I am still researching it though as I would like to know what went in the slot on the back of it and I am also keen to find out what the the device is that DR 100 is sitting on on that Kenwood box as it looks like some form of transmitter / transceiver but the box picture (and I appreciate it may just be artistic license) suggests it is the same size width at least as the DR 100 and that would make it pretty small.

My hope is that it is as per Ken K4EAA's reply to my email:

--I've never seen one of those DR-100's before, but it looks like you made a nice purchase.   To use an older Kenwood with any data modes, these days you connect the computer sound card to the radio's MIC and the SPKR.   In earlier days it was a dedicated piece of hardware that did the encoding/decoding.  Today we use a PC.

The problem in both cases is we have to go into the low level mic input on a Kenwood, which means you have to make a little box that has the appropriate connectors and attenuation circuitry to properly set the level to the MIC.   Dittos on the high level speaker output from the radio into the computer, on those Kenwoods that don't have (i.e.) phone patch available.   Your VOX will function, and you effectively control the radio strictly from the computer.--

That said I would still like to know more about it and in particular find an instruction manual and any accessories it may have come with.

I am assuming also it was never a big seller as no one seems to have anything on it.

Title: RE: Kenwood Datamitter DR-100
Post by: KA4NMA on October 02, 2013, 09:22:18 PM
The 300-600 baud rate determines a modem's speed. My first computer modem was 300 baud (bits per second). My current cable modem is at 15 million bits per second.  I wonder if this is an early ascii modem.  It is the wrong speed for packet or rtty.

Randy ka4nma