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Title: "CW Fun Event #8" this weekend (CQ FE)
Post by: N6EV on November 14, 2013, 05:14:33 PM
This weekend will mark the 8th "CW Fun Event" put on by K2RFP.  The CW Fun Event is a 48 hour event that begins on November 16, 2013 at 0000 UTC and ends on November 17, 2013 at 2359 UTC.  The event will measure your ability to accurately send and receive Morse code on amateur radio frequencies using traditional sending/receiving methods.
This small casual contest that matches operators' skill in both sending via manual device (straight key, bug, side swiper) and reception of 5 random letter 'words'.  There are a few ways to accumulate points:
  • QSO Count - This is the number of stations you have contacted and exchanged data with. You, and the other person do not have to be a registered participant so exchanging words either way is not required for this count. Make sure you have not included in this count any QSOs for which you were just acting as an SWL.
  • Copy Count - This is the number of |CallSign : Word| combinations you have copied correctly. The results analysis program will determine this value based on the "WordString" you submit. See below. You do not have to be a registered participant to earn CopyCount points. Further, you can act as an SWL and include data you copied that was being sent to someone else and not to you at all.
  • Send Count - You have to be a registered participant to know what to send and possibly get SendCount points. The person you are sending to, or an SWL copying you, must also submit results data and name you and the word they copied from you. The results analysis program will determine your total points for this based on the copy data that has been submitted for the event. Note that the points you earn for this, and your final score, may change as more data comes in to validate your SendCount points.
  • Bonus Points - After the submit window closes one of the call signs will be picked at random from the list of calls that submitted results (excluding SWLs) to be the designated "BONUS TURKEY". The results analysis program will search the calls in the "WordString" you submit for a match to the BONUS TURKEY call sign. If found, you will get a one-time bonus of 25 points. The BONUS TURKEY station will also get the one-time bonus. So the more DIFFERENT stations you work, the greater are your chances of winning the bonus points.

Your final score is the sum of all of the points accumulated through the four methods above.

It's important to note that in order to obtain the word list from K2RFP for the Send Count points, you must pre-register on the CW Fun Event homepage below prior to the start of the event.  You are not required to pre-register to participate.  You can still accumulate QSO , Copy and Bonus points.  Also, you do not need to participate in a QSO to take credit for the Copy Points.  So copy down as many callsigns and their associated 'words' you hear from other participants and take credit for them.

Centers of Fun Event activity generally are between 50 and 60KHz up from the bottom of the band.  As with all other contests, NO WARC BANDS allowed.

This has proven to be a fun event in the past.  The more participants the better!   The official CQ for this event is "CQ FE" for Fun Event.  So please, if you hear us calling, even if you're not fully participating.. we'd love to exchange info and accumulate points.

For more info and to see the results and commentary from the prior seven Fun Events, please check out the CW Fun Event homepage: (

Please take a few minutes and pre-register now! 

Hope to see you during CW Fun Event #8

73 de Paul, N6EV