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Title: Overclock a Netbook
Post by: W8JX on November 16, 2013, 10:10:51 AM
I have been using a software utility that allows you to overclock Atom powered netbooks. The hardest part is determining what PLL clock chipset your laptop has. Once you do you can overclock with a few clicks on the mouse. I have a N450 single core rated at 1.67ghz that I have been running at 2ghz plus (2.042ghz now) for over a month now. Since Atoms are low power, overclocking does not cause any real heating problems. Granted it does not make it much faster but it does give it a noticeable boost. If you are looking for a little more out of your Netbook, check it out. It's called "SetFSB". One tip, if you never overclocked before you will find that if you burn ir in/run it at a higher speed you will find it will let you clock faster later. Example, at first mine crashed at about 1.92ghz but after running at just below that for a while I got it up to 1.96 for a bit then 2.0 and so on. The components burn in at higher speeds. It increased my windows speed index rating 20% and it was enough that it will play a video stream pretty smooth. A dual core Atom should overclock nicely too.

Title: RE: Overclock a Netbook
Post by: W8JX on November 17, 2013, 07:47:24 AM
Up to 2.055ghz now. While no big performance boost I am curious to see how far it will go.