Raspberry Pi for SDR control?

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Rich Knack:
I have been eyeballing SDR for a while, and I enjoy assembling kits (wish Heathkit was still in the ham business! :( ). I recently ran across this radio from Russia. From what I understand, it is a clone of the Flex SDR-1000:


I even found a partially populated board on EBay for a reasonable price, so I figured I'd take the plunge. I figure it will make a nice follow-up project to my Klopik-2 (which is a more conventional transceiver).

What I am wondering is, would a Raspberry Pi work in place of a full-sized PC or laptop to run the SDR? If so, it would make for a neat portable/Field Day rig!  I already have an original Raspberry Pi Model B that I had once purchased to run my 3D printer, but I have another print controller setup I like better so the "Pi" is sitting idle right now.

Robert Powell:
Yes, assuming the software you wish to run, runs on the PI

Jan Servaites:
I think the R/Pi and some SDR software would be a marriage made in heaven. The only open-source code that I know of is WinRAD
If someone would step up and write an SDR software program, it would be revolutionary I think.

David Newcombe:
Check out http://g0orx.blogspot.ca/

He is developing a Pi-based system for running openHPSDR hardware.

I have the hardware & the Pi.  Waiting for the software to be available...

Dave, VE3WI

Bill Diaz:
I have G0ORX's Raspberry Pi PiHpsdr running on my Rpi 2B.  I have a 600 ppr rotary encoder, and 2 24 ppr rotary encoders connected to the RPi GPIO port.  RPiHpsdr is designed to control the OpenHpSDR hermes, Angelia, and Orion SDR, available from Apache Labs as ANAN-10, ANAN-100, ANAN100B, and ANAN200D.

You can use PiHpSDR to control the above Apache Labs radios using only a mouse, rotary encoders not required.  Keyboard, mouse, Display and Ethernet connection required.  WiFi may be problematic, YMMV.

The RPiHpSDR code and installation instructions also supports a 5" LCD display directly from the RPi, but this appears to be a work in progress at present.  The RPi HDMI port works fine with my HDMI monitor when running RPiHPSDR.

Complete PiHpSDR software installation instructions are available at https://github.com/g0orx/pihpsdr/blob/master/release/documentation/pihpsdr-install.pdf .   

The software installation is somewhat tedious and requires you to use the RPi terminal window to enter multiple linux commands.  There is NO automated installer! 

Note:  This is BETA software and no user documentation or help file is available. 

Note:   The Raspbian version that comes with NOOBS will NOT work with PiHPSDR.  You MUST install the regular Rasbian version.  I found out the hard way.

Bill KC9XG


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