Like VHF/UHF? Check out the new Icom IC-9700

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Ron Bussiere:
This radio will really upset 'ole FLQ who hates anything newer than his stump trained sheep. ha ha

Plus, all the dummies who dislike the IC-7300 because they don't know what an RF Gain control or Attenuator does. "too much gain", etc. SMH
Really sad to see the dumbing down of Amateur Radio.....

This radio will be yet ANOTHER game change for Icom.......


I hope so Ron.
However this is only a prototype and it MAY not go into production.
I certainly am interested as there are no new multi-mode V/UHF radios being made and second hand ones are fetching new prices.
With the exception of the IC9100 all the "shack in a box" radios are built down to a price IMHO.

Over here LAM (A dealer in Barnsley) have put an order in already.

Ed Sich:
Looks great!  It has dual receivers ....  the display shows 2 VFOs and the Main and Sub knobs can be seen on the left of the display, like a mini-9100.  But no satellite button for VFO tracking, unless that is in a menu, and I hope it can do full duplex for satellites.  Same size as the IC-7300 so it is more portable than the big IC-9100.

73, Ed VE3WGO

Looks very good, I hope they pay attention to giving it cleaner ssb transmit performance at least as good as my old TS700 or the IC-275.
Go on Icom, you can can do it..!

Ron Bussiere:
Hi. I KNEW they could do it. If they can make a 706g and 7000, that go from 1.8 to 432MHz, back 'in the day'......
I bought the 706g and the 756PRO both when they were first announced (on different) trips to Toyko.
I was told by several, if I wanted a DC-Daylight radio to get a 9100.
Sorry, but once you use a 'fish finder', it's difficult to go back. ha ha

I enjoy my 7300 but want a larger format. Since the 9700 is based on the 7300, it could easily replace my 271 and 471.
And yes, I do have (and enjoy) all my other brands/models........


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