Like VHF/UHF? Check out the new Icom IC-9700

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Quote from: N3OP on October 07, 2017, 12:45:13 PM

Quote from: N4UE on September 09, 2017, 12:47:21 PM

Hi Ed. Here in the USA, DXEngineering is already taking pre-orders. Initially, it was listed as
HF+6M, 2, 432, 1296.
They were quickly corrected.



Too bad it will not include HF and DSTAR.  It would have been a good replacement for the IC-9100.

Actually it WILL have D Star.
Personally I cannot see a need for HF +6 (and 4 this side of The Atlantic) on it when there is the 7300.
The 9100 is a 7600 and updated 910 in one box and for me, too expensive.
HOWEVER I am in the market for a 3rd generation 910 based on 7300 underpinnings

Reginald Cuffee:
I would prefer to have one radio with these features.  If the IC-9700 will not include HF+6, it would be nice to have C4FM and DMR in addition to DSTAR.  I know that will not happen because the because the designers of these modes will not license their to the other competing companies, so the user (us) gave to buy three radios if we want to work these modes.  It would be like buying 3 HF because one had SSB, one had AM, and the third had digital.  Hopefully these companies get together and license these modes to other companies.

Ed Sich:
In the photos of the IC-9700 prototype, there are rear panel connectors for LAN, Data, and USB.  Of course, those might just be suggestions at this point since it is still early.

We can only hope that at least one of those ports will include a datastream for some kind of IF or baseband input/output data format that permits the owner to connect an external modem or processor for other modes (C4FM, DMR, etc) in addition to the ones Icom decides to include internally (the word-D-Star is printed below the touch screen).  Then the 9700 could become the central hub for an all-mode V/UHF and Satellite station.  And I guess transverters for other bands would need to go to the existing 3 band antenna connectors instead a low level signal interface, since no Transverter connector seems to be present on the prototype (although the new IC-7610 does include such a Transverter connector).

73, Ed VE3WGO

Bob Waterfield:
I for one am glad to see someone finally produce a up to date VHF/UHF all mode rig.
I have had the ICOM 275, 475 and the 810.  I kick my self all the time for selling them, but life throws strange curves now and then.
To find an all mode VHF/UHF rig that is new and not a "SHACK IN A BOX" is pretty much non existent.  If it receives like the IC-275H does, and lacks some of the birdies that the 910 had/has they will have a winner.  Being I only have a FM only VUH/UHF rig, I will be keeping my eyes on this.  Will look nice with my 756 Pro.

The all band rigs Ive listened to have high VHF/UHF phase noise making them useless for serious weak signal work. Im still using transverters with three TS-830's until that changes.



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