Like VHF/UHF? Check out the new Icom IC-9700

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Neal Pollack:
Quote from: KM1H on December 17, 2017, 02:56:22 PM

The all band rigs Ive listened to have high VHF/UHF phase noise making them useless for serious weak signal work. Im still using transverters with three TS-830's until that changes.


Hi Carl:

I have not yet played with transverters.  Which brand/models do you like or use?



Douglas Cain:
Does anyone know the physical dimensions of the radio? From pictures it looks to be about the same size as the IC-7300.
Surprised to see some taking pre-orders. It took a 1 ½ years for the 7610 to go from the Tokoy fair to the market in the USA.

Stephen Malpass:
HI, It,s true to say its a prototype and may not go into production but I think it will, Icom are putting the toe in the water and generating the interest, they don't need to do much advertising all of us lot will do that for free. As the interest increases so will the price, we have to wait for that day and hope Kenwood or Yaesu pull their fingers out with a competitive response.


Ed Sich:
All there is known is from the Tokyo Ham Fair notes that were published.  The description said
"The concept model IC-9700 is the same size as the popular IC-7300, but covers the 144, 430, and 1200MHz bands. The transceiver operates on all the standard modes, as well as the DD mode on D-STAR. It has simultaneous two band reception, with some limitations, a touch-panel screen, satellite mode, and so on."

The link to to the notes document is in one of the earlier threads on the Ham Fair sometime in September I think.  I saved a copy but it's brief.

By way of comparison, the IC-9100 HF-1300 MHz radio also has simultaneous two band reception (for V/UHF) and an HF/6 Tuner in a box the same size as the IC-7410 HF/6, so I guess it's possible to do the 9700 in a 7300 box, since the 9700 has no HF and therefore also no tuner.  The 9100 puts out 100W on 144/430, and 10W on 1200 MHz and weighs only 4 pounds more with the 1200 MHz module in, than a 7410 does, so the V/UHF weight seems to be nominal.

Looking forward to the IC-9700 for mobile or portable, and field day, and all satellites, when/if it ends up hitting the market!  Openings, and repeater and satellite downlinks will be easier to see on the screen and the radio will be ready for QSOs in the right mode.  Is there such a thing as Gridquare skimmer software for V/UHF SDRs?

73, Ed VE3WGO

Butch Quallich:
My guess is the IC-9700 will be the exact same size as the IC-7300.  This is typical for ICOM.  Consider these same sized packages over the years:

IC-706, IC-706II, IC-706IIG
IC-756, IC-756Pro, IC-756Pro2, IC-756Pro3
IC-910, IC-9100
IC-7800, IC-7851

... and the list goes on.  Obviously using the same case dimensions and the same basic knob/button layout, then periodically upgrading the circuitry saves ICOM big bucks.
The IC-7300 and IC-9700 will make a nice matching pair of compact rigs and having a bandscope on 2/440 and 1.2g will be really nice! 

I'm also crossing my fingers the IC-9700 gets sold in the US and it has the full duplex Satellite Mode (although the "... with limitations" verbage bothers me a bit).  As for the 220 band, there's always transverters.  (By the way, Kuhne has a  Transverter Interface for the ICOM IC-7300.  Perhaps it will work on the IC-9700 for 220?)

If I can pick up a IC-9700 next year I'll be selling my FT-736R (2/220/440/1.2 & 1.2 ATV).


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