Like VHF/UHF? Check out the new Icom IC-9700

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Having a single platform for 2, 432 and 1296 for weak signal similar to the 7300 would be excellent.  Wanting to simplify and be portable for the next ten years.  I have two reservations.  Get it done Icom!

73, Mike W6DO.

Bill Lentz:

DX Engineering taking pre-orders for the IC-9700 they say release date waiting on FCC approval
There's no 222 I know 222 is pretty much reserved for US and Canada ops.
Bill, AA2UK

Tom Hybiske:
I'd love to see this up close at Dayton this May...

Bill Lentz:
I always wanted an ICOM IC-970 with all the modules.
Now I'm thinking along the lines of a 7300 and the 9700.
Maybe it's time to retire my (3) FT-736R's?
Bill, AA2UK

Douglas Cain:
 :D why are all radios with that option only are 10 watts? You would think by now they would be at least 20 or more watts.

In the early days of 2 meter all were all from 1 to 10 watts, on a good rig 15 years back 25 W was common, Today 65 -85 watts. I would think
power is every thing at those freq, and then would need to be close to a big city. Dallas.


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