Like VHF/UHF? Check out the new Icom IC-9700

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Larry Springsteen:
It is possible to generate a signal using one of the SDR devices (HackRF, Lime SDR, Nuand, ETTUS USRP) and cover seven, eight or nine bands. The power output is very low and all of your software is not turn-key. I have a HackRF one and a Lime SDR and other than the capability to do so, they are not designed for communications as is the 9700. Full Disclosure - I have put a deposit on a 9700. I'm standing in line with my ticket waiting for them to arrive.

73, Larry  WB8LBZ
El Paso, TX

Tom Hybiske:
Saw this today on the Icom UK site:

"Icom Inc. has released more details about the launch of the IC-9700 VHF/UHF/23CM All-Mode SDR Transceiver. Icom plans to release this high-performance SDR transceiver early next year and we expect to have it available for sale in the UK in February 2019 with a suggested retail price of £1795.95 inc.VAT. Please note that this target price and UK availability may be subject to change......"

That would be $2300.00 US, but no VAT here....  Nothing yet on the US release..

Ron Economos:
Quote from: K3GM on October 31, 2018, 10:20:54 AM

That would be $2300.00 US, but no VAT here....  Nothing yet on the US release..

You have to subtract the 20% VAT.

1795 pounds - 20% VAT = 1496 pounds

1496 pounds (at current rate) = 1910 USD


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